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Erfurt // "... is situated in the best location. There just has to be a city there."

Martin Luther spent his young adult years in Erfurt from 1501-1511. His father had planned for him to study law and he arrived at Erfurt University at the age of 17. One trip back and forth from, however, changed his life forever.

On July 2, 1505 during one of his trips on foot in the nearby Stotternheim, the young student was caught in a severe thunderstorm. Afraid for his life, Luther took a vow to Saint Anne to become a monk if she spared him his life. Two weeks later, he entered the Augustinian Monastery to begin his process of eventually becoming a brother of the Augustinian Hermits. As Brother Martin, he lived a strict monastic life, was ordained a priest in 1507 in a side chapel of the Erfurt Cathedral and began his theological studies.

Martin Luther remained, with a few month-long interruptions, in the Augustinian Monastery until the fall of 1511. He returned often to Erfurt and preached to excited crowds in churches like the Michaeliskirche (St. Michael’s), the university church.

Erfurt became Luther’s spiritual home. The shift from student to monk marked the beginning of one of the most momentous transformations in the history of the church. Important roots of Lutheran theology and the Reformation find their grounding in Erfurt. In later years, Luther quoted someone from Erfurt who said to him, “there has to be a change, and it has to be a huge one; things can’t stay the way they are.” Luther confidently added to this memory in one of his table talks with the sentence, “I think it might have happened!”

Offered tours:

What is today a church, a museum, and a conference and retreat center, was once Martin Luther's home for nearly 5 years. The chapter house, the exhibition including the 'Luther cell', and the church historic stained glass windows will give you an impression of his life as a monk 500 years ago.

Length of time: 1 to 1.5 hours
Cost: 30-40 € in addition to entrance fees

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Luther once described the University of Erfurt as “my mother, to whom I give thanks for everything.” With Luther as an example, you will be introduced to the life of a student in the 16th century. In addition, you will see the interesting juxtaposition of historic and modern architecture. Collegium Maius is now home to the administrative offices of the Protestant Church in Middle Germany (Evangelische Kirche in Mitteldeutschland).

Length of Time: 1 hour
Cost: 50.00 €

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Martin Luther set foot in the University of Erfurt more than 500 years ago. It was a moving experience. Follow in his footsteps and visit with me the sites of his student and monastic life. The exhibition in the Augustinian Monastery and the Georgenburse (student house) are the highlights of this tour.

Length of Time: from 2 – 2.5 hours (depending on the desires of the group)
Costs: 90 - 100 € in addition to entrance fees

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