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Möhra // “…that I am the son of a farmer from Möhra near Eisenach”

The ancestors of Martin Luther come from the village of Möhra, which is situated approximately 20 km south of Eisenach. The Luthers (or Luders) belong to the oldest families in Möhra and go back to the 14th century. Today, in and around Möhra, there are many families with the name Luther. They mostly trace their lineage to Martin Luther’s uncle, “Little” Hans, who inherited the family land and remained in Möhra.

Möhra is also connected to Martin Luther’s so-called “kidnapping” on his return trip from the Diet of Worms. On May 3, 1521, he stopped over and on the evening of May 4th, in nearby Glasbachgrund under the direction of the Elector of Saxony, Frederick the Wise, he was captured and brought to the Wartburg Castle.

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