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Weimar // "that it goes well with me here."

The connections that Martin Luther and the Reformation share with Weimar are closer than is generally known. Between 1518 and 1540, Luther visited this city on the river Ilm many times – often while on the way from one city to another.

Since 1485, Weimar belonged to the realm ruled by Ernestine Line, which also included the Residence in Torgau and the university town of Wittenberg. Luther spoke here at the court of his rulers, Electoral Prince Johann des Beständigen (John the Constant) and later Johann Friedrich des Großmütigen (John the Magnanimous). He consulted with those responsible about the advancement of the Reformation and also took instruction in the same.
Elector Johann Friedrich also brought Lucas Cranach to Weimar.

During his stays in Weimar, Luther preached many times in the castle church (“Schlosskirche”) and in the city church of Ss. Peter and Paul, known today as the “Herderkirche” (Herder’s Church). Luther’s last visit to Weimar was on account of his friend and “comrade-in-arms”, Philipp Melanchthon, who was deathly ill. He survived the illness and regained his health.

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You would like to walk in the footsteps of Martin Luther through Weimar? Is Weimar even a real Luther site? He never even lived here. But he was here, and not only passing through.

On a walking tour of the city, you will find out what the palace, the market, the city residence, and the city church of Ss. Peter and Paul all have in common with Martin Luther.

You can see the famous Cranach-Altar on a tour of the city church.

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